FSB Content Marketing Program Powered by AdvisorStream + Website Package Add-ons


Per Month

FSB Content Marketing Program powered by AdvisorStream includes:

Access to FSB’s focused insurance content and marketing email templates

Access to AdvisorStream’s automated communication system and 3rd party content

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Product Description

Introducing the FSB Content Marketing Program
Powered by AdvisorStream + Website Package Add-on

  • It’s easy, affordable and effective.
  • It allows you to instantly update your website, LinkedIn Facebook and Twitter with FSB focused insurance content and licensed 3rd party content.
  • Gives you easy access to the FSB Content and email templates making marketing easier than ever!
  • Effortlessly share copyright compliant content that stays in your eco-system.
  • Create branded and effective newsletters in minutes.
  • Metrics are easily accessed to allow you to see who is opening, reading and sharing the content you share.
  • Compliance workflow available for easy communication and approval.
  • Leads are generated when clients and COI’s share your content.
  • Ongoing support by industry professionals to help you with your digital marketing challenges.
  • Unlimited use of FSB Focused insurance content library
  • Marketing email templates
  • Unlimited use of 3rd party content library
  • Compliance dashboard making communication and approval easier than ever
  • Monthly personalized newsletter
  • Autopost with approval on social platforms and website
  • Training and coaching by industry professionals
  • Regular tutorials